marți, 18 noiembrie 2014

In a world of wonders...

In a world of wonders you're a miracle
In a sea of colours you're the one that glows
In a sky of heavens you're the highest one
In my heart you'll always be the only one
In a night of nightmares you're the only dream
In a day of worries you're the one I need
When I'm filled with joy you can be my bliss
When I'm down in sorrow you're the one I miss
In my private kingdom you can be the king
But just know I'll always have my place as queen.

A new world

I wish the world wasn't so mean, 
Selfish, always on the brim
Of destroying what is good,
Kind and most misunderstood.

I wish the world was a better place,
One with no suffering and hate
Where man is always calm and bright
Never looking for a fight.

If only every one of us
Would try to be this man and thus
Adding to our shared dream
Of loving the world we're in.


My 23rd year of existence
The world hasn't been of assistance
I tried to stand on my two feet
I made it once. And now repeat,
Whatever comes I won't retreat,
So brace yourselves, I'm on a streak!

Year 23 for me,
For you
Long gone a wave of youth
For me here comes the big,
The new
For you
I long to be the clue
Of a love out of the blue.

On the dawn of this new age
I have come to claim the stage
It's my time to shine at last
I don't care about the past
All I want is to be me
"Me" the clever, "me" the free
"Me" the one that loves you so
The last love you'll ever know
Or at least I'm hoping so.

joi, 25 septembrie 2014


Winter Thoughts

I want to make love like the flakes
Of snow that will melt whatever it takes
As though all that matters is the way it makes
Everything feel like a breathing race.

I want to make love like the nights
Of winter are my last times
Of slithering under the critic eyes
Of those who know nothing but lies.

Autumn Thoughts

I want to make love like the wind
To feel as light as the breeze on your skin
Neverending, forever on the brim
Of falling from the cloud we're in.

I want to make love like the leaves
That ruffle together and colour the trees
Then swiftly fall though rising in bliss
Sealing their love with an earthly kiss.

Summer Thoughts

I want to make love like the sea,
To feel your breath on every inch of my skin,
To close my eyes and feel you deep within
And know that you want nothing but me.

I want to make love like the waves
Who bump with each other and then turn in flames,
To know that you'll love me whatever it takes
Forever deciding for us to share names.

marți, 29 iulie 2014

Ghidul unei bucatarese nepricepute(V)

A venit momentul primei postari pe anul asta... da, stiu ca e trecut de jumatate, dar pe principiul "mai bine mai tarziu decat niciodata"....

Si cum n-am mai pus papa-bun de vreo doi ani... Brace yourselves, experimental cooking is coming!

Va prezint reteta pentru  *Title in progress* - Timp de preparare: 30-45 minute (depinde cat de departe sare usturoiul)

Ingrediente(cam tot ce am gasit pe aici pe la mama, de care uita mereu cand ii e foame):

- 5 felii de carne de porc
- 2 morcovi potriviti
- o ceapa rosie
- telina
- usturoi
- unt
- faina
- ulei de floarea soarelui

Mod de preparare( adica inspiratia de moment):

- curatati si spalati morcovii, ceapa, telina (eu m-am jucat putin cu formele si am taiat ceapa rondele si morcovii betisoare)
- intr-o farfurie puneti faina si apoi treceti feliile de carne prin ea ( aveti grija sa fie toate date cu faina inainte sa puneti cratita pe foc)
- Intr-o cratita sau tigaie mai adanca puneti unt( eu am pus cam jumatate de pachet) si un catel de usturoi zdrobit in prealabil (NU faceti ca mine: untul se topeste repede asa ca aveti usturoiul pregatit...catelul meu a zburat pe undeva prin bucatarie cand am incercat sa-l zdrobesc in graba fiindca imi sfaraia untul in tigaie)
- puneti in untul topit rondelele de ceapa cat sa acopere toata suprafata. Cand ceapa si-a schimbat culoarea asezati carnea data prin faina pe patul de ceapa si adaugati ulei daca este nevoie apoi asteptati sa se rumeneasca si carnea
- cand carnea este facuta 3/4 (trei sferturi) adaugati legumele si *putina* apa(!!! din nou *NU* faceti ca mine - eu am pus putin mai multa apa si a trebuit sa ingros putin zeama fiindca nu mai scadea)
- Potriviti de sare si opriti focul cand legumele sunt fierte si sosul capata consistenta mai vascoasa( arata a tocanita si nu a ciorba)

* Mentiuni:- mie imi plac mancarurile albe, asa ca nu am pus bulion, dar, hey, asta e ghidul unei bucatarese                        nepricepute, nu trebuie sa faceti ca mine :D
Si iata rezultatul final!

And it was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!!!
Acum sa vedem ce zice si mama.